The Sign

I never believe in such kinds of dividing the whole world population into 12 astrological signs or 12 animals. I believe more in personality test because it depends on your behavior, not your date of birth. Btw, my personality is ISFJ (almost 100% introvert, not surprised).

However, I am always described as “a typical Virgo”. Was born in September, I found that I adopt the most typical characteristics of a Virgo: perfectionism. I always want everything must be in its place and well-organised. I pay attention to typos. I clean my inbox everyday that it must be all-read.

In Vietnam, the most popular religion is Buddhism. At the beginning of the year, people look into which sign they have this year (based on their age). Btw, the age is count by your normal age + 1 year that you stayed in your mama, that’s why I always feel older when I am in Vietnam. There are good and bad signs. Normally, people who have bad signs will make a praying ceremony to avoid bad luck in the coming year.

The reason that I don’t believe in signs, could be that it is nonsense to divide the world in such an unlogical way. But moreover, I don’t want the prediction affects my living. Not every Virgo is perfectionist. It should be considered as a coincidence that I match Virgo’s personality. And if my year was going badly, it is because of my bad decisions, not because the universe decided to be against me (and the people at the same age).


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