To the Fools who dream

As you may recognised, the title is from lyric of a La La Land’s soundtrack “The Fools who dream”.

To be honest, La La Land is not my favorite movie. I expected in the movie a lot because of its awards, an IMDb rating of 8.4 and emotional reviews on the internet. I just felt that everything wasn’t pushed onto a climax which can take my breath away. I really wish for something more dramatic in the plot.

But I believe the success of La La Land is because of its honest story, a story that was written for everyone, and any can relate. The more you grow up, the more choices you have to decide, and the more you sacrifice. And yes, we are all fool at some point in our life. But the last smile of Mia and Sebastian was the same for all of us when looking back and realised that “Everything happens for a reason”.

Here to the mess we made

I always admire people having their dream and knowing what they are going to do. Like Sebastian, who never gives up on his passion for jazz and ends up opening his own club. Like Mia, who fails for hundreds time but still trying.

I wish to be as fool as them, giving up love and wealthy, for once in my life, to pursue a dream. I am afraid of taking risks. Because I never dream big enough.


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