How Kindle changed my life (Kindle Paperwhite 2016 review)

I had been eager to buy a Kindle since a year ago. In the last 2 years, I moved for 5 times between 4 cities. One of the heaviest burdens for my luggage is my books. Then, I started researching e-books and found Kindle. I bought my Kindle in Black Friday 2016 when it was on sale (probably the only sale in a year of Amazon). After 4 months using my Kindle Paperwhite, I can say that it was the my most brilliant shopping decision in 2016.

Why Kindle Paperwhite?

When it comes to e-book and e-book readers, Kindle should be the first name rising in my mind. The brand is so popular over the world thanks to its wide range of choices: from the basic Kindle to the luxurious Oasis.

For everyday needs, I always recommend Kindle Paperwhite because of affordable price and suitable functionality.

I bought my Kindle Paperwhite during Black Friday 2016 sale when it was €100 on Amazon Germany. It is said that Kindle screen is easy to be broken so I also bought the cheapest Kindle case I found on Amazon from Inateck for €11 (Btw, it is an auto wake case like the auto wake case for smartphone). I found it is a good deal because I don’t want to put my Kindle in a bag full of sharp stuffs (eg. keys).

My pink Inateck Kindle case

Amazon introduces the product with these promising functions:

  • Unlike tablets, no screen glare in bright sunlight
  • Read with one hand – over 30% lighter than iPad mini
  • Battery lasts weeks, not hours
  • Built-in light-read without eyestrain

All are approved after 4 months of using. The strength of Paperwhite is built-in-light that allows you to read books in a dark room. I love it because I can read books before bed without negative impacts of blue light from computer and smartphone.

The top setting bar

What I like most about Kindle is its dictionary function. Difficult words are challenging while reading books written in foreign languages. With Kindle, you can easily find the word’s definition in dictionary or Wikipedia.


How my reading habits changed?

I like reading for a long time and I had a huge bookshelf in my home in Vietnam. However, when I moved to Finland 3 years ago, I gradually lost my reading habits. And before Kindle, I had never complete any English book. Thanks to Kindle, I gained my reading habits again every night before bed for during transportation. (Last year, I had a 20-hour-of-transit in Moscow airport and all I did was reading).

The display is just as the same as paper

The Kindle store is more diverse than the local bookstore in Finland (especially English books). I started reading non-fiction books which I hadn’t really like before because of difficult technical words.

It is always a controversy of e-books vs. traditional. Kindle brought me the same experience to traditional books. As I am practicing “minimalism”, it helps me reduce the amount of paper books I had. I also found it is more environmental-friendly to “tree-based books”.

I also promised to never come back to illegal e-books. I found that pay to read is a joy, also a respect to the author.

Bonus to Amazon customer service

My Kindle shopping experience wasn’t smooth. Actually, Amazon sent me a Kindle with a different serial number from which was registered in my name. So I have to return the first one and then wait for 3 more days.

However, the most impressive thing was about their customer service. It was complicated at first when me and the customer service cannot find the reason why I cannot register on my Kindle. But the person handling my case was so enthusiast and really eager to resolve the problem. The communication was fast and careful. So, thanks to the lovely person working in Amazon office in Munich for helping me.




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